Client Testimonials

I would like to thank my real estate clients for these enthusiastic responses, and have chosen a few of the many received both recently and in the past.

We had a very successful outcome working with Cynthia Marrone buying a second home in Palm Desert. After working with other agents for years Cynthia went the extra mile not only thoroughly researching the real estate market but also being available to show us numerous properties. And meet our schedule needs. She also supported Inspections and other on-site requirements on our behalf that we were unable to attend.

With Cynthia’s real estate knowledge, experience and can-do attitude we would highly recommend her. Cynthia is very personable and totally committed to helping her clients meet their goals.

Many thanks, Cynthia, for all your hard work. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mike and Linda Terrien

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with you in regards to your handling of numerous real estate transactions. You handle all of the details in the most professional way and you take the time to look after your client’s interest as if it was your own and that is a very rare attribute in today’s time. No one person can know everything and every detail but it always impresses me the most that if you weren’t sure of something or your clients weren’t sure you would always take the time and the effort to find out the correct way.

You’ve showed your knowledge and expertise in single family homes, apartment buildings, investments, remodeling and decoration. I know you pride yourself on constantly learning and staying current in your field and it certainly shows and seems to be paying off for you.

Many thanks and good for fortune to you.


I feel when someone goes out of their way to assist you and looks for nothing in return except to see that your needs are accomplished this person needs to be recognized in some manner.

Cynthia’s talent and connections in my needs came in very handy. My father had recently past away and we needed some information on either selling property or holding on to it. She could have easily played the Real Estate Agent and played it in her favor, but instead she ask all the right questions and was generally concerned what was best for us. She guided us to the right people and institutions and followed up with us to make sure everything was working out for us. In return she wanted for nothing, just to see us happy.

Where do you find an agent that really puts there clients first. Right here. Most, if not all, say they do and I have had those experiences, but none like this. Cynthia is the first and only agent that really put us first and was genuinely concerned for us. This, ladies and gentlemen, is someone you want working for YOU.

Thank you, Cynthia. You have earned our business and gratitude.

Anthony Berman-Raygosa

I want to sincerely thank you for assisting my parents with the sale of their duplex. Since I, their daughter, live out of state, it has been a comfort having you keep me informed every step of the way. You have been professional and friendly, firm and compassionate, productive and patient. You were able to close the sale within a reasonable period of time despite some of the obstacles you were presented with.

I am extremely happy with your performance on this sale and would highly recommend you to others. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential clients.

Thank you.

Cheryl Smith

I have not had the time to completely thank you for all your hard work & efforts in selling our property in Long Beach. You did a wonderful job walking my parents & tenants through the entire process. I am especially thankful for you really looking out for the tenant’s best interest. That was so very important to me.

I hope you have a blessed Xmas & New Year.

Thanks again.

David Reynolds

I had a great experience working with Cynthia Marrone and I feel very blessed to have had her as my agent. When I began working with Cynthia I had just stepped into the role of trustee over my grandmother’s estate, and not only was I new to selling a home, but I was also involved in a complex situation with my grandmother’s long-time tenants.

Cynthia showed great care and concern for my situation and was very patient in answering all the many questions that I had. She took the time to make sure that she understood my needs and frequently sought counsel to ensure she provided me with the most accurate information and the best possible advice. Cynthia also works with a wonderful team of people and she was able to provide me with excellent resources when I needed guidance on property and legal matters.

I truly enjoyed working with Cynthia and highly recommend using her services. She is a wonderful person, who is very hard working and committed to taking care of her clients.

Thanks again Cynthia!